What we do


Our services are organised into three streams:
Health comms, Digital solutions, and Patient services.

Each of our 3 key services is supported by a team of award-winning experts who work together to deliver our high-quality services. Most of our clients require more than one service, which we can deliver seamlessly because we are one team, all under one roof.



Strategic communication and learning solutions for patients and healthcare professionals



Unmatched digital platform expertise specifically for the health
and wellness sector



Tailored patient support and adherence, adverse event monitoring and product access programs

Evidence-based Health Communications

Accredited CPD:
Everyone learns in different ways

We create compelling continuing professional development programs (CPD) for GPs, specialists, pharmacists and nurses. We understand that everyone learns in different ways so we design our programs to have the maximum appeal across a variety of different mediums, from interactive online learning-modules to meetings and workshops. Our GP advisory board is always on hand to provide the clinician’s perspective, and if you want your training to be accredited we can help with that too.

Stakeholder engagement:
Building enduring relationships

We have a wealth of experience in planning and running advisory boards, focus groups, research grant awards and many other engaging activities. Developing strong and mutually productive relationships with your stakeholders – whether they be individuals, associations or companies – is a vital component to the success of a brand or service. You can feel confident leaving your reputation management to us.

Scientific writing for HCPs:
We speak their language

Our editorial team is skilled at tailoring even the most complex scientific information to its audience, be that GPs, specialists, nurses, pharmacists or other allied health professionals. Our work includes highlights reports, slide decks, detail aids, websites and much more.

Patient information:
Support at a critical time

Being diagnosed with a medical condition or starting a new medication can be a difficult and confusing time for many patients. Having access to well-written and well-designed educational materials can make all the difference to a person’s acceptance of their new circumstances. We pride ourselves on the quality and accessibility of the patient information we develop and truly believe it can help make a difference.

Optimised Digital Solutions

Enhanced storytelling whatever the platform

Our talented tech team have experience with most eDetailing platforms, including Veeva and NI. We understand that an eDetailer supports the telling of a story and should never distract from the key messages being relayed – so the interactive features and animations we design are relevant to the content and always reinforce key learning points.

Web Development:
It’s all about the user experience

These days people have no patience for poorly optimised websites or confusing design and navigation. User experience (UX) is paramount, so we exhaustively test the ‘usability’ of our sites to ensure engagement. Responsive design is a given so users can access our sites no-matter what devices they’re using. And on the back end of things we offer intuitive content management systems and bespoke reporting and analytics to help you measure your KPIs.

Who said education can’t be fun?

On-demand learning is a hit with time-poor healthcare professionals who have a thirst for learning but little time to squeeze it in. We specialise in designing engaging multi-media eLearning that draws on webinars, video, animation and static display to accommodate all learning styles. Gamification makes it fun and scenario training mimics real-life clinical practice.

Optimised user experience, on the go

We were among the first in Australia to create apps for the healthcare industry and we haven’t looked back since. Whether your smart phone is Apple flavoured or not our apps for patients and healthcare professionals are easy to use, responsive and engaging. The same goes for our websites, which automatically adapt for handheld devices so nothing gets in the way of the user experience.

Tailored Patient Services

Patient Support:
Treating patients as individuals

Our in-house patient support team of nurses and allied health professionals thrives on providing tailored care through careful patient segmentation and appropriately targeted interventions, including calls, emails, SMS, Skype and online learning. We believe patients need be empowered to determine the support they need and we never take the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to designing a support program.

Access Programs:
Quick off the blocks

Healthcare professionals gain valuable insight into how a new medicine works through access programs including product familiarisation programs (PFP), special access schemes (SAS) and co-payment programs. We have extensive experience in getting a product off to a flying start and managing the often complex process of registrations and logistics, so your access program runs without a hitch.

Keeping a watchful eye

The TGA requires that your on- and off-line activities are checked frequently for potential Adverse Events (AE) – a time-consuming activity. Our patient services team is experienced in online AE monitoring and has been audited at the global level. We have TGA, FDA and EMA level quality control processes in place and excel in detailed and accurate reporting. We can review your website or social media activity daily, remove comments as needed and report the AE to your pharmacovigilance department in a timely manner. Let us take the stress out of AE monitoring!

Symbion partnership:
End-to-end service

We have joined forces with Symbion (EBOS Group) as part of an innovation strategy to enhance the end-to-end delivery and administration of specialty products and programs to the Australian healthcare sector. The combined strength of EBOS and ZEST means we provide everything from program strategy to education, product storage and delivery, through to community and in-home services.

The ZEST Group
…is comprised of companies delivering communications, strategic consultancy and services to the health sector including pharmaceutical companies, health departments and organisations. Our aim is to shape the future of healthcare by connecting services, systems and people to achieve measurable and customised solutions with better health outcomes