Our story

For over a decade, we’ve been leading the pack with our patient-centered approach to healthcare.

Founded in 2005 with a fresh approach to healthcare communications, our expertise quickly grew to encompass patient support, consultancy and service design.

From day one, collaboration and partnership has been the key to our success. By working together with our clients, industry experts, innovators, and the diverse range of talent within the Zest team, we have continued to reinvent what’s possible.

As a proud member of EBOS Group, we are the hub that connects sister companies, like TerryWhite Chemmmart and Symbion, to offer unique approaches to patient care and service delivery.

We approach projects through a balance of 4 strategic pillars

Thinking together

Experience, diversity, knowledge and evidence-based methodologies to research, engage, facilitate meetings and consult on innovation and best-practice solutions

Learning together

Education and initiatives that are interactive, engaging, based on evidence and designed to capture and report on data for continuous improvement

Creating together

Brand development, implementation and communication based on strategic and behavioural insights to resonate with your audience and promote positive outcomes

Supporting together

Programs and services for organisations, healthcare professionals and patients to support health, wellbeing, better patient experience and the quality use of medicines

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