Managing a special access co-payment program

Client: A major pharmaceutical company


Our client asked us to run their special access co-payment program for a major oncology product. Participation in the program had various eligibility criteria, with built-in contribution limits for patients.


We created an intuitive online portal for specialists for them to enrol their eligible patients. The comprehensive back-end management system ensured seamless tracking of co-payments, order status, and product movement. Our sister company Symbion managed distribution of the commercial stock, which we could track in real time. Our program coordination team handle any program queries and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Before ZEST took over running the program, our client managed all aspects of their special access program. By partnering with us, we freed up the medical and supply chain team’s valuable time while maintaining the high level of customer service the specialists expected. Outsourcing the program to ZEST also ensured no patient data could accidentally be accessed by the client team.