A large-scale specialty product familiarisation program

Client: A major pharmaceutical company


Our client asked us to design and implement a large product familiarisation program for a first-in-class treatment for a common neurological condition. The cold-chain product could only be prescribed by specialists.


Our client’s requirements changed a number of times during the planning and development phase, in response to global directives and the availability of stock. Ultimately, we developed 3 versions of the program, which were launched simultaneously. A sophisticated database was created to handle all 3 programs, and our program coordination team called every patient to explain how the program worked and to arrange product delivery. As part of the program, we created a comprehensive patient kit, including a bespoke cooler bag. Patients collected their medication from nominated community pharmacies who were provided information and education about the product and program.


Over 300 neurologists and 3000 patients participated in the programs. For many patients with an extremely poor quality of life due to their condition, the programs provided access to a treatment that had a major impact on their ability to cope day-to-day.